Talking Heads and Hearts

I spend most of my time behind the camera. I've recorded, downloaded, and uploaded bytes upon bytes of digital film clips. But, I know getting in front of a camera isn't easy. Communicating clearly, effectively AND naturally is even harder!

I've learned a thing or two about coaching people through this, but what I always go back to is the heart. 

When I talk to business owners who are passionate their service, their products, their brand, and their story I always hear it in those one on one conversations. Slowly but surely, I often hear the heart of what they want to communicate about their business.

If you're a business owner, you know what I mean. You have a vision, a passion, a goal and you're ready to tell anyone and everyone. It just doesn't always translate 'on screen'. 

Never fear. Talking to the camera is simply talking to your best friend or your grandma as much as it is talking to your next client. It's already in you. 

And don't worry, we have plenty of memory cards for you nail that take ;)

We've Launched! (Again!)

This little guy is becoming a fav in my camera bag.

This little guy is becoming a fav in my camera bag.

Have you ever lost your first love, only to return to it/him/her again?

Ok, a little dramatic, but that's how I feel about photography today with the relaunch of this site.

I've been focused on the craft of videography for sometime now. While the tool for photography and videography is the same (in my case) the approach is quite different. (For you technical people, it's especially getting the shutter speed down in video work and getting camera movement just right).

But after some tutorials (check out Peter McKinnon on Youtube!) I felt motivated to get back to photography and apply to upgrading the website. I'm so glad I did!

I am privileged to work creatively with clients, but I also enjoying applying the craft for myself and it was one of those days! More posts to come!